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Leaf Blower Test

With a record of having a higher sealing value than other leading pet door brands, a leaf blower test was done to see how two of the most popular doggie flaps compare. To showcase the facts, a video was recorded and is featured on Outside on a clear and sunny day in California, Rachel places two patio panels together in her sliding glass frame. Although the panels are different thicknesses, they both install nicely next to her slider. On the deck behind some steps, she stands about 10 feet away from both panels. On the left is the Ideat Pet Products Fast Fit in white. This is a single pane panel with a clear flap sealing with the help of a magnetic strip on the bottom. It is recommended for temperate climates which is where the video happens to take place.The actually framing is typically plastic, however the surrounding material is sturdy aluminum. Next to it sits the energy efficient Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e. This one is a thicker object because it contains dual pane glass at the top along with Lo-e coating to prevent the harsh sun heating the inside of the home. The flap itself is inside durable aluminum and is covered by adjustable magnets on all 3 sides. Both of these panels can serve as the perfect fit for many homes, and are great for temporary install as they do not require drilling or tools. Shop their wide range sizes and colors available now. Rachel now begins to blow heavy gusts toward the flaps, inching her way closer. From her starting point the Ideal flapper is already open and can't close itself. Its competition stays shut and does not move. It is not until the leaf blower is one foot away does the Endura flap start to move. It remains closed until the air is pressed right on the flap. She tries again to get open faster. The second time the air is at about 12 inches away before it opens completely. Neither of these panels are wind proof, but the clip proves the Endura Flap can stay closed in strong windy areas.

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